(31) USD’s Dr. Lehmann Doubles Down: Non-Woke Lawmakers are “Ignorant,” “Evil,” “Racist” 6/1/21

(30) Meet USD’s Director of Native American Affairs, Part I 5/31/21

(29) USD’s Woke Pushing for Creation of Police Oversight Committee, PART I 5/14/21

(28) USD’s Woke Pushing for Creation of Police Oversight Committee, PART II 5/14/21

(27) USD Provost’s Memorandum Appears to Violate BOR Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism Policy 5/3/21

(26) Social Media Post: USD Activist and Vermillion School Board Member: People in Power Should Force Subordinates to Go Woke 4/29/21

(25) Social Media Post: NSU’s Woke Have Created a Safe Space in Which Open Discussion of the Chauvin Trial is Not Allowed 4/21/21

(24) Is SD Mines Going Woke? The School’s “Director of Inclusion” Certainly Seems to Think So. 4/21/21

(23) Social Media Post: USD Activist and VHRC Member on Pursuing Social Justice in Vermillion 4/15/21

(22) NSU Further Clarifies What Its Coming Social Justice Crusade Will Involve 4/14/21

(21) Social Media Post: More Tweets from Incoming Director of USD Center for Teaching and Learning 4/12/21

(20) Social Media Post: Meet the Incoming Director of USD’s Center for Teaching and Learning 4/11/21

(19) NSU’s Woke: Don’t Worry, the Suffering We Plan to Create Will be for a Good Cause 4/9/21

(18) USD Spends a Lot on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” 3/31/21

(17) NSU Has Gone Woke 3/30/21

(16) USD Prof Explains Wokism to Police, Tries to Take Away Their Guns 3/25/21

(15) USD Pressures Professors To Go Woke if They Want To Get Promoted 3/25/21

(14) USD’s Woke Say ‘Full Steam Ahead’ and Thank Provost Hackemer for Putting Them in Power 3/22/21

(13) USD: Conservatives and Moderates Need Not Apply 3/15/21

(12) USD’s Woke: White People Are a “Problem” that Needs To Be Fixed 3/9/21

(11) Woke Faculty and Staff at USD Disdainful of South Dakotans and Their Legislators 3/5/21

(10) USD Has Created a Special Dorm for Woke Students 3/4/21

(9) Social Justice Training for South Dakota’s Children 2/25/21

(8) Extra-Legal Investigations and Woke Indoctrination Planned for the City of Vermillion 2/20/21

(7) USD Changes Its Official University Values 2/16/21

(6) Speech and Thought Policing at USD 2/11/21

(5) Provost’s Policy Invites Identity-Based Discrimination in USD Promotion and Tenure Decisions 2/11/21

(4) A Brief Tour of USD’s Political Indoctrination Programs 2/8/21

(3) The Sanford Woke School of Medicine 2/8/21

(2) What “Diversity and Inclusiveness” Really Means at USD: Power for the Woke 2/8/21

(1) Woki-Leaks South Dakota: Telling the Tale of USD’s Social Justice Crusade 2/8/21

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