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It is completely inappropriate for the University of South Dakota to embrace Wokism, Social Justice ideology, critical race theory, intersectionalism, or any other narrow political doctrine as an official University belief system – period. USD needs outside help to reform itself at this point. The University of South Dakota is a publicly-funded institution. It should be, and is, accountable to citizens and their elected political leaders. Fortunately, South Dakota lawmakers and Governor Noem have already demonstrated that they are willing to act to protect intellectual diversity and free speech at the university. If they see the citizens of South Dakota stand up and demand change, reform will be possible. The following are things you can do to help make sure that USD reembraces common sense, moderation, and political neutrality – and that Wokism does not take over additional state universities.

Steps You Can Take to Help USD and Protect Other State Universities

1. Talk and build networks with friends, colleagues, and fellow citizens who are also concerned about the Social Justice crusade. There is tremendous power and resilience to be found in joining forces with other reasonable people. Reach out to friends, colleagues, and organizations who are committed to decency, political moderation, and the protection of people’s rights. Have discussions. Educate yourselves about political bias and indoctrination in our schools. Decide what you will do to oppose it. Make a decision not to be bullied or intimidated by accusations that you are a “racist,” “White supremacist,” “far-right hate monger,” “Trump follower,” or any other Woke insult.

It is by taking steps like these that the moderates in our society will be able to band together, reclaim our public spaces and institutions, and stop the spread of Wokism and Social Justice ideology.   

2. Contact your town government, local schools, and board of education. Tell them that you will not stand for university Social Justice activists spreading their ideology in the local government and schools with “diversity and inclusiveness” indoctrination programs, so-called “anti-racist” education, or any other form of Woke propaganda. No activist has the right to pick your children’s values for them.

3. Alumni of South Dakota state universities: If you attended USD, get in touch with the USD Alumni & Friends organization and tell them not another dime until the University ends its Social Justice crusade. If you attended another state university in South Dakota, get in touch with your alumni association and tell them you will not a support your university if it embarks on a Social Justice crusade.

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